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Roundtable Discussion on the Issues of Recent Rise in World
Food Prices with US Senator Robert Casey

May 30, 2008

A roundtable discussion was organized on the issues of recent rise in world food prices with the US Senator Robert Casey and delegates from American Embassy on May 30, 2008 at ICRIER. A select group of agricultural experts and economists from Government, Semi-Government, and private Institutions were present to discuss the phenomenon behind the rise in food prices and to learn of its impact on India and the world. Senator said that one-fifth nations of the whole world is facing food insecurity and some solution to this problem needs to be found. The group deliberated on the reasons for this food price rise and also highlighted how the Indian government initiatives have been able to keep the situation under check relative to other countries in the world. The issue of fuel price rise, diversification of grains to bio fuels, impact of climate change, subsidy in the world market, and food security were discussed during this roundtable. It is felt that heavy investment in agriculture are crucial and dissemination of technology to improve productivity is essential to avoid a food crisis situation in the world.
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