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China and The WTO: The Transparency Issue

October 12, 2000

Dr Sylvia Ostry of the University of Toronto, delivered a lecture on “China and the WTO: The Transparency Issue,” at ICRIER on 12 October 2000. According to Dr Ostry, there is at present a considerable mismatch between the WTO transparency requirements and the legal regime in China. The latter is embedded in historical and cultural traditions and, in spite of some reforms over the past decade, the progress is still insufficient to implement the transparency requirements of the WTO protocol. A concerted technical assistance programme with a link to the accession protocol is essential, if WTO membership is to serve the dual purpose of encouraging Chinese reforms and strengthening the global, rule-based trading system. China’s entry into the WTO should not be pushed too fast without adequate preparation and assessment of the implications of its membership on the dispute resolution system of the WTO.
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