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20 Nov 2000

Indian Export and Economic Growth Performance in Asian Perspective.

Suresh D. Tendulkar


Prof.Suresh D.Tendulkar of the Delhi School of Economics, presenting a paper at an ICRIER Seminar. On his left is Dr.Ashok Desai who chaired the seminar and Dr.Arvind Virmani, the principal discussant.

Audience at the seminar
November 20, 2000
Prof Suresh Tendulkar presented a paper titled, “Indian Exports and Growth Performance in an Asian Perspective,” at an ICRIER seminar on 20 November 2000. Prof Tendulkar ascribes India’s failure to achieve the levels of progress of some of her East Asian neighbours to the persistently restrictive industrial and trade policies, which were relaxed only in the 1990s. His analysis of competitiveness at a detailed level of disaggregation shows that India has had a sustained presence only in certain labour-intensive products in the past two decades and is now facing stiff competition from China, other South East Asian countries and South Korea. Prof Tendulkar emphasises that, for the economy to come out of the protectionist past, there would be a painful adjustment period involving reallocation of resources towards efficient, globally competitive industries. This project was funded by the Export-Import Bank of India, and has resulted in two working papers of ICRIER, which are also published as occasional papers of the Export-Import Bank of India.
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