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30 Jan 2004

Fifth GDN Annual Conference
The Global Development Network (GDN) held its Fifth Annual Conference on Understanding Reform during January 28-30, 2004 in New Delhi. ICRIER was the co organiser for the Conference.
ICRIER Session
ICRIER had a special responsibility for organising a session to review Indian Reforms from a multidisciplinary perspective. A paper on the topic was presented at the first parallel session on “Economic Reforms: Policy and Institutions” by Dr Arvind Virmani, Director & CE ICRIER (ICRIER Working Paper #121). The session was chaired by Prof. Wahiduddin Mahmud, Professor of Economics, Dhaka University. The discussants were: Prof. Ira Gang, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA and Prof. Alvaro Forteza, Universidad de la Republica Montivideo, Uruguay. 
SANEI Session
SANEI (South Asia Network of Economic research Institutes), co organised a session on “Economic Reforms in South and East Asia: A Comparative Perspective” with EADN (East Asia Development Network). Dr Arvind Virmani, Director, ICRIER, and Prof. Chia Siow Yue, EADN, Singapore, co chaired the session. Presentations were made by Prof. T N Srinivasan, Chairman, SANEI on “Economic Reforms in South Asia” and Prof. Wing Thye Woo, UC Davis, on “Modifying the East Asian Development Strategy for the New Millenium”. Prof. Min Tang, Chief Economist, ADB, China, and Prof. Wahiduddin Mahmud, Professor, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, served as discussants.
GDN Workshop on Bridging Research and Policy
The Global Development Conference was preceded by several workshops related to different GDN activities during January 24-26, 2004.

ICRIER is engaged in a study on “Linkages Between Development Researchers and Policy Makers: A Case Study on India” under the GDN Global Research Project on “Bridging Research and Policy”. Dr Tarun Das, Consultant, ICRIER, participated at this workshop which reviewed the overall objectives of the project, its progress till date, and the steps ahead.

 also participated in the Conference at the Network Heads’ Meeting, Network Heads’ and Coordinators’ Meeting, the GDNet Steering Committee Meeting and the Knowledge Fair.


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