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04 Oct 2006

Roundtable Discussions with The Global Foundation Mission 2006.
ICRIER jointly with CII
Wednesday, October 4, 2006
CII and ICRIER organized roundtable discussions with The Global Foundation, Australia on 4 October 2006 at New Delhi in order to explore the ways in which Australia can make a contribution to regional prosperity in the Asia-Pacific in the areas of education, science and technology, especially in the context of key global issues that may engage both Australia and India in the next decade or two. The Global Foundation undertook its second mission to India to continue its evolving Australia-India dialogue in energy, infrastructure, and financial services. Looking forward to opening up discussions and debates with Indian counterparts, think tanks and academia, the Global Foundation participated in the roundtable with CII and ICRIER on the initial topics of education, science and technology and the imperative of the Asia Pacific Regions in these areas. 

The first roundtable focused on the issues related to sustained excellence of standards in knowledge cultures, the role of the government and the private sector in quality education provisioning. If human capital is to be the key driver of economic wealth in the years to come, maintenance of consistent standards of education responsive to changing needs of the market and the economy is imperative. For this, private sector participation in education, commercial investments into R&D and encouragement to small and medium sector firms to innovate in terms of technology are very important. The key global issues likely to be of concern in the Asia Pacific in general and India is particular in the next couple of decades included peace and security, resource accessibility, climate change, water resource management, disease control, pace of globalization envisaged and the regional cooperation between Australia and India envisioned in the context of the failed talks at the Doha Round of the WTO.


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