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15 May 2006

ICRIER-World Bank seminar on “Assessing World Bank Support for Trade”
May, 15, 2006
The Independent Evaluation Group (World Bank) report Assessing World Bank Support for Trade 1987 – 2004 analyzes the Bank’s contribution to free trade in developing countries. Developing countries have significantly liberalized their trade regimes over the past two decades. The World Bank played a significant role in the reform of developing country trade policies through its research, adjustment lending and its support of trade-related institutions and infrastructure. Following a lull during the mid-nineties, in 2001 the World Bank re-appraised its trade activities and intensified its focus. This most recent phase has focused on the global trading system and on the use of trade-related research, advocacy, capacity building and mainstreaming trade in Bank operations. On the lending side, attention has shifted to trade facilitation (both physical infrastructure and institutions). This study outlines the evolution of Bank assistance over between 1987 and 2004, evaluates the development effectiveness of World Bank support to developing countries on trade, and recommends actions to enhance the development effectiveness of that support.
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