We introduced an emblem to mark 40-years of our founding and ran a brief campaign on twitter showcasing some of our past events and speakers (@ICRIER).

Our faculty members published over 25 op-ed articles, a new quarterly bulletin and a report on India’s Electronics Industry. We also organized a book launch event in August and released a working paper in collaboration with external contributors.

ICRIER released the first Agri-Food Trends and Analytics Bulletin (AF-TAB) titled “COVID-19 and Indian Agriculture: From Crisis to Opportunities”, April – June 2021, Issue 1. It is edited by Dr. Ashok Gulati, and includes blog-style articles summarizing various research work being carried out by our Agricultural Policy, Sustainability and Innovation (APSI) team. Not unexpectedly, there was an overwhelming response to the first issue of AF-TAB.

We published the report “India’s Electronics Industry: Potential for Domestic Manufacturing and Exports” which examines the effectiveness of India’s current policies and programs to achieve the goal of ‘Make in India for the World’, with emphasis on the electronics manufacturing industry.

ICRIER organised a virtual event to launch the book, “An Economist at Home and Abroad” by Dr. Shankar Acharya, Honorary Professor at ICRIER and India’s longest serving Chief Economic Advisor. More than 250 participants spread across more than 10 countries participated in the event.

We hope you will take some time to glance through this newsletter. We would love to hear from you.



Virtual Book Launch: “An Economist at Home and Abroad: Memoirs of India’s longest serving Chief Economic Adviser” by Shankar Acharya
Participants: Deepak Mishra, Pramod Bhasin, Shatarupa Ghoshal, Ashok Bhattacharya, N. K. Singh, Martin Wolf


Claim of PLFS Data Showing Falling Unemployment Rate Misleading
Radhicka Kapoor | The WIRE | August 19, 2021

Vajpayee Yrs Set Ground for UPA Era Economic Growth
Shankar Acharya | Business Standard | August 19, 2021

Rs 3.9 Trillion Alcohol Beverage Market to Grow at 6.8%: ICRIER
Business Standard | August 16, 2021

The Job Gap
Radhicka Kapoor | Indian Express | August 9, 2021

India Needs a Dynamic, Real-time COVID-19 Prevalence and Preparedness Index
Ali Mehdi | Business World | August 9, 2021

Protecting Consumers, Sellers and Platforms: A Case for India’s Upcoming E-Commerce Industry
Tanu M. Goyal and Mansi Kedia | The WIRE | August 5, 2021


Working Paper | ‘Food Can’t Be Traded’ Civil Society’s Discursive Power in the Context of Agricultural Liberalisation in India
Authors: Camille Parguel and Jean-Christophe Graz

Report | India’s Electronics Industry: Potential for Domestic Manufacturing and Exports
Authors: Neha Gupta, Priya Kumar and Rachit Saini


Agri-Food Trends and Analytics Bulletin (AF-TAB) | COVID-19 and Indian Agriculture: From Crisis to Opportunities | April – June 2021 | Vol. I, Issue 1
edited by Ashok Gulati


Monetising FCI Warehouses Good. Modi Govt Must Ensure Revenue won’t Go to Fanciful Projects
Siraj Hussain | The Print | August 31, 2021

Meeting the Poshan Challenge
Ashok Gulati & Ritika Juneja | Indian Express | August 30, 2021

Biofortification: Towards Ending Kuposhan
Ashok Gulati & Ritika Juneja | Financial Express | August 30, 2021

National Mission On Edible Oils – Promising If It Remains Farmer Centric
National Mission On Edible Oils – Promising If It Remains Farmer Centric

What Explains the Sudden SEBI Ban on Future Contracts in Chana?
Siraj Hussain and Tirtha Chatterjee | The WIRE | August 23, 2021

Private Sector Innovations in Indian Dairy Sector
Ayushi Khurana and Ashok Gulati | Times of India | August 19, 2021

We’ve Achieved a Lot Since 1947. But There’s Much to Learn from Our Neighbours, Especially China
Ashok Gulati and Ritika Juneja | Indian Express | August 16, 2021

What Independent India Must Do at 75
Ashok Gulati and Ritika Juneja | Financial Express | August 16, 2021

Covid Meant High Protein Intake but Chicken, Eggs, Oil, All Acting Pricey
Shweta Saini and Sandip Das | The Print | August 13, 2021

ICRIER Released Agri Food Trends Bulletin AF-TAB
Food Infotech | August 10, 2021

ICRIER's Agriculture Vertical Launches Bulletin on Impact of Covid-19
F & B News | August 10, 2021

Processed Food Can Repeat India’s Automobile Export Success
Siraj Hussain and Seema Bathla | The Print | August 9, 2021

Food-inflation a Result of Short-sighted Policies?
Shweta Saini, Sandip Das, Aishwarya Pothula & Vijay Bangari | Financial Express | August 3, 2021

A Tryst with Destiny? Fulfilling Pledges Made to the Nation in 1947 will Need Reform of Food Subsidy Policy
Ashok Gulati | Financial Express | August 2, 2021

What India@75 Needs: Education and Skills, Rather than Freebies
Ashok Gulati | Indian Express | August 2, 2021

Pulse Prices Soaring. Why the Modi Govt’s Policy Actions are Falling Flat
Shweta Saini and Aishwarya Pothula | The Print | August 2, 2021


e-RUPI: A Game Changer or Policy Incrementalism?
Gangesh Varma and Mansi Kedia | Economic Times | August 30, 2021

The Game is On
Isha Suri and Gangesh Varma | Hindu BusinessLine | August 27, 2021


The Discom Dilemma: The Devil is in the Detail
Somit Dasgupta | Financial Express | August 26, 2021

From Generating Capacity to Demand, a Blueprint for India’s Electricity Policy
Gaurav Bhatiani, Rakesh Kacker and Somit Dasgupta | Hindustan Times | August 24, 2021

Harness Power of Nature-based Solutions to Fight Climate Crisis: G20 Ministers
Tarun | Down to Earth | August 6, 2021

Why India’s e-Waste System Needs Change
Sajal Jain | Fortune India | August 4, 2021
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