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Regional Studies at ICRIER

ICRIER started the Regional Insights initiative in 2008.

The rationale is that research on India’s relations with other countries will have to take on board the increasing demand being placed on India for a major role in international discussions on evolving a new global social, economic, financial and environmental architecture. In this context, each researcher has adopted a country/region. The Team will track and monitor developments in the major countries, regions, economic blocks and India’s neighbours.

Research Digest
Policy Briefs
  • India’s BOP Crisis and External Reforms Myths and Paradoxes
    by Arvind Virmani, December 2001
  • India’s Macroeconomic Management in the Nineties
    by Shankar Acharya, October 2001
  • India and GATS 2000 : Negotiating Strategies and Domestic Reforms
    by Rupa Chanda, September 2001
  • Peace, Security and Economic Cooperation: India and South Asia in the 21st century
    by Jasjit Singh, Dipankar Banerjee, Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Sanjaya Baru , Muchkund Dubey, December 1998
  • Economic Liberalization and Financial Reforms in India : An Outsiders Perspective
    by Ronald I. Mckinnon, March 1995
  • Population, Development, and Demographic Freedom
    by Andrew Mason, January 1995
  • Dynamic Growth in China: Lessons in Economic Reform for other Developing Economics
    by Wing Thye Woo, August 1994
  • India’s Unfinished Reform Agenda
    by Jeffrey Sachs , August 1994
  • Policy Reform and Economic Growth: Experience of the 1980
    by Anne 0. Krueger, June 1994
  • The Mexican Experience in the Privatization Process
    by J. Rogozinski, May 1994
  • The Successes and Failures of State Owned Enterprise Divestitures in a Developing Country: The Case of Chile
    by Rolf J. Luders, May 1994
  • India’s Economic Reforms: Tasks Ahead
    by T.N. Srinivasan, April 1994
  • New Insights into the Growth Process
    by Arnold C. Harberger, 1994
Occasional Papers
Annual Reports:


  • 03 May
    Seminar on Household Survey on India’s Citizen’s Environment & Consumer Economy Survey’ (ICE360O Survey)"

    Place : New Delhi By invitation only

  • 28 Apr
    Stakeholder Seminar on Pharmaceuticals in India: The Next Leap"

    Place : New Delhi By invitation only

  • 19 Apr
    VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT:" Chair Professor of Urbanization "
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