Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations


  • ‘Food Can’t Be Traded’ Civil Society’s Discursive Power in the Context of Agricultural Liberalisation in India | Camille Parguel and Jean-Christophe Graz | Working Paper 405 | Executive Summary | August 2021
  • The Indian Energy Divide: Dissecting inequalities in the energy transition towards LPG | Utkarsh Patel and Deepak Kumar | Working Paper 401 | Executive Summary | November 2020
  • COVID-19, Data Localisation and G20: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for India Arpita Mukherjee, Soham Sinha, Angana Parashar Sarma, Nibha Bharti and Drishti Vishwanath | Working Paper 398 | Executive Summary | October 2020
  • Specific Human Capital and Skills in Indian Manufacturing: Observed Wage and Tenure Relationships from a Worker Survey | Jaivir Singh, Deb Kusum Das and Kumar Abhishek | Working Paper 397 | Executive Summary | October 2020
  • Liberalisation of the Insurance Sector: An Analysis of India and BRICS | Saon Ray, Kuntala Bandyopadhyay and Vasundhara Thakur |Working Paper 396 | Executive Summary | September 2020

  • A Minimum Income Guarantee amidst Joblessness & Vulnerability: A Design for Income Transfers post-Covid 19 and beyond | Santosh Mehrotra, Anjana Rajagopalan and Rakesh Ranjan Kumar | Working Paper 393 | Executive Summary | June 2020
  • The Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on FDI Inflows into India: Some Empirical Results | Jaivir Singh, Vatsala Shreeti and Parnil Urdhwareshe | Working Paper 391 | Executive Summary | June 2020
  • Public Sector Enterprises in India: Enhancing Geo-Strategic Reach and Exports | Arpita Mukherjee, Angana Parashar Sarma, Ankita Barah and Arush Mohan | Working Paper 388 |Executive Summary | April 2020
  • African greenfield investment and the likely effect of the African Continental
    Free Trade Area | Anirudh Shingal and Maximiliano Mendez-Parra |Working Paper 387 | Executive Summary | March 2020


  • 22 Nov
    Vacancy: Fellow for the Digital Economy, Start Up and Innovation Team (DESI)"Apply here"
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    Vacancy: Team Secretary for Climate Change, Urbanisation and Sustainability (CCUS)"Apply here"
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    ICRIER CCUS Team Blog fest for COP26, 31st Oct-13 Nov"for more details Click here"
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    Vacancy: 7 motivated researchers for its large Agri-programme"led by Dr. Ashok Gulati, Chair Professor Agriculture, ICRIER Apply here"