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Agriculture: Sustainability, Productivity and Profitability

Project Leader: Ashok Gulati
Research Team: Yamini Gupt, Samraj Sahay and Rohin Nautiyal
Commencement: April 2016
Funded by: Monsanto Holdings Private Ltd

This project will conduct research in agricultural policies and adjacent disciplines to provide insights on measures that can make agriculture in India sustainable, productive and profitable for farmers. The objective is to provide policy suggestions to industry, stakeholders in agriculture and the government. Innovations in policies and technologies to promote sustainable agriculture such as precision farming will be studied in detail and the focus will be on three case studies – Punjab (rice cultivation), Maharashtra (sugarcane cultivation) and Tamil Nadu (cultivation of bananas).



  • 03 May
    Seminar on Household Survey on India’s Citizen’s Environment & Consumer Economy Survey’ (ICE360O Survey)"

    Place : New Delhi By invitation only

  • 28 Apr
    Stakeholder Seminar on Pharmaceuticals in India: The Next Leap"

    Place : New Delhi By invitation only

  • 19 Apr
    VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT:" Chair Professor of Urbanization "
  • 03 Feb
    No names of individuals or organizations will be revealed without prior consent. We are piloting this study for working men and women in India."to take the survey Click here "
  • 06 Dec