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Review of Agricultural Policies in India

Project Leader: Ashok Gulati
Research Team: Anwarul Hoda, Shweta Saini and Prerna Terway
Commencement: May 2016
Funded by: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

This project will undertake an in-depth study of Indian agriculture and agricultural policy. The attempt will be to generate agricultural support and protection related indicators such as the nominal protection coefficients (NPC), nominal assistance coefficients (NAC), producer support estimate (PSE), consumer support estimate (CSE), and general services support estimate (GSSE) for selected agricultural commodities for the period 2000 to 2015. The estimates will be analysed to provide concrete policy conclusions and recommendations.



  • 03 May
    Seminar on Household Survey on India’s Citizen’s Environment & Consumer Economy Survey’ (ICE360O Survey)"

    Place : New Delhi By invitation only

  • 28 Apr
    Stakeholder Seminar on Pharmaceuticals in India: The Next Leap"

    Place : New Delhi By invitation only

  • 19 Apr
    VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT:" Chair Professor of Urbanization "
  • 03 Feb
    No names of individuals or organizations will be revealed without prior consent. We are piloting this study for working men and women in India."to take the survey Click here "
  • 06 Dec