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Decarbonizing the Indian Rail Industry

Project Leader: Dr. Rajat Kathuria and Dr.Saon Ray
Research Team: Kuntala Bandyopadhyay and T S Ramakrishnan (External Consultant)
Commencement: June 2015
Funded by: DFID

More practically, moving to a low carbon energy system in India, as elsewhere, faces the following questions: Are there enough low carbon energy options to meet all of the growing demand for energy of Indian Railways? Are those low carbon energy options cheap enough to meet energy needs of Railways without increasing the energy costs? Can these low carbon energy options be physically, financially, and operationally integrated into the Railways energy system without causing business disruption?

This study would contain three phases. In the first (current) phase, this study would scope the feasibility of 100% de-carbonization for the Indian Railways, and identify attractive pathways under different scenarios. The second and third phases would then dig deeper
into analyzing and implementing the chosen scenarios.

ICRIER is involved in the demand side estimation while the supply options are being explored by Climate Policy



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