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An Institutional Exploration of Urban Competitiveness and Climate Adaptation through Two Sectoral Lenses – Water and Industry

Project Leader: Dr. Meenu Tewari
Research Team: Dr. Saon Ray, Dr. Indro Ray, Amrita Goldar and Zeba Aziz
Commencement: December 2014
Funded by: Rockefeller Foundation

Building on Phase I of the Rockefeller project on Climate Change and the Competitiveness of Cities, this study drills down into two sectors to understand the institutional and political-economic dynamics of adaption. How do utilities and households in the water sector and firms in the urban industrial sector adapt to the pressures of climate change – rising temperatures, uncertain precipitation and the risks of urban flooding. Adaptation is an extremely important, but incompletely understood link between a city’s capacity to build climate resilience and its capacity to meet its economic development goals. The study will use mixed methods to gather primary data and build a deeper body of institutional and political economic evidence to generate measurable insights about the economic effects of climate adaptation in Indian cities. This will contribute to two outcomes: (i) it will add to our understanding of the economic effects of climate action and to some extent, the costs of non-action; and (ii) generate methodological insights about how to carry out such research in data-scarce environments.



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    Seminar on Household Survey on India’s Citizen’s Environment & Consumer Economy Survey’ (ICE360O Survey)"

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    Stakeholder Seminar on Pharmaceuticals in India: The Next Leap"

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