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India-Pakistan Track II Initiative: Improving Trade in Health Services

Project Leader: Dr. Nisha Taneja
Research Team: Samridhi Bimal and Isha Dayal , Sanjana Joshi (Consultant)
Commencement: October 21, 2015
Funded by: The Asia Foundation

The project’s goal is to lower key impediments to India-Pakistan trade in health services using a people-to-people approach. We will pursue the goal through three inter-related objectives: (i) To identify key decisions that the governments of India and Pakistan need to take to rapidly increase the total trade in health services between the two countries; (ii) To pursue targeted reforms through a people-to-people approach that engages key stakeholders as well as broader public constituencies in India and Pakistan; (iii) To sustain the engagement between stakeholders in India and Pakistan through continued policy engagements.

The project is being undertaken using secondary data and information and collection of primary data through a survey. The survey will involve collection of qualitative and quantitative responses using a semi structured questionnaire. The cities covered in the survey include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Amritsar.