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    • Ahmedabad Workshop (Challenges of Urban Development in India’s focus on Land Based Financing Options in Indian Cities)
      September 18, 2014

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Our Urban Initiative

ICRIER launched its program on Capacity Building and Knowledge Dissemination on Urbanisation in India on August 31, 2012 which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development Shri Kamal Nath in New Delhi. The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Urban Development which covers themes such as water and sanitation, municipal finance, unlocking urban land value, land use zoning and transit-oriented development, sustainable project management, governance and administrative reforms, and e-Governance. The program has three main components: (a) Knowledge dissemination workshops of the High Powered Expert Committee on Urban Infrastructure and Services (HPEC, Ahluwalia) Report (b) Capacity building workshops on the seven themes; (c) Research on the themes for wider discussion and publication.

The knowledge dissemination component of ICRIER's urbanisation programme is centred around seven thematic areas:
(i) Water and Sanitation including Waste Water treatment and Solid Waste Management
(ii) Municipal Finance
(iii) Unlocking Urban Land Value
(iv) Planning: land use, zoning and transit oriented development
(v) Governance and Administrative Reforms
(vi) E-Governance
(Vii) Sustainable Project Management and Implementation