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14 Jul 2020
  • Seminar :

    Webinar on Managing Energy Transitions in developing countries

    July 14, 2020


    4 pm – 4:05 pm: Welcome and Introduction 

    Dr. Rajat Kathuria, Director & Chief Executive, ICRIER

    4.05 pm – 4:10 pm: Welcome and Introduction, 

     Dr. Fahad Alturki, Vice President (Research) KAPSARC

    4.10 pm to 4.45 pm: Pathways to the transition in a ‘circular carbon economy’ framework

    The overarching issue for the globe, irrespective whether in developing or developed countries, would be to identify the role of hydrocarbons in a net-zero carbon future. Managing this transition is crucial for global energy sustainability as is being assessed in the T20 Taskforce on Climate Change and Environment. How to design an energy pathway to achieve that? 

    • Two case studies: India, and Saudi Arabia 
    • Identify common elements that help achieve universal access to clean energy: market design, policy support, regulatory framework. 
    • Acknowledge the diversity in developing countries in governance structures, market conditions and energy resources. 

    Speakers (2 speakers for 10 minutes each)

    Noura Mansouri , Research Fellow, KAPSARC

    Dr. Saon Ray, Senior Fellow, ICRIER

    15 minutes Q &A

    4.45 pm to 5.20 pm: Governance structures for promoting the transition

    The T20 Taskforce on Sustainable Energy, Water and Food Systems seeks to offer recommendations on how to enhance international cooperation, infrastructure and institutions that help to ensure the stability of markets. What is the trans-national support that nation states would need to apply such a framework?  

    • Mechanisms via which lessons from successful transitions that could be transferred between member states. These could be also applied for co-learning processes where countries act jointly on policy issues. 
    • Frameworks for bilateral and group-level cooperation between civil society actors, and private players.
    • Focus on information transfer, capacity building, and financing options. 

    Speakers (2 speakers for 10 minutes each)

    Dr. Hossa Almutairi, Research Fellow, KAPSARC and Think20’s (T20) Sherpa

    Dr. Amrita Goldar, Senior Fellow, ICRIER

    15 minutes Q &A

    5.20 pm – 5.55 pm Pandemics and the new normal?

    Is this pandemic a speed-breaker or an accelerator?
    • Does this pandemic mimic a peak fossil fuel demand scenario?  

    • Discuss the impact of the pandemic on energy in developing countries.
    • How can the policy response to the pandemic, health and economic, continue to support an energy transition to a net zero world? 

    Speakers (2 speakers for 10 minutes each)

    Dr. Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, CCEW

    Ms. Ulka Kelkar, Director-Climate, WRI India

    15 minutes Q &A

    5.55 pm to 6.00 pm: Summing up – by KAPSARC and ICRIER Concluding remarks

  • Place : New Delhi
  • Venue : Zoom


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