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10 Oct 2012

Seminar : Brazil as a Rising Economic Power
by Marcos Troyjo (Columbia University)
Place : New Delhi

Up until very recently, it was believed Brazil had devised an economic model assembling high growth and social inclusion.

In the past 10 years, Brazil has based its economic expansion on both the appetite of the domestic market for higher consumption levels and income distribution mechanisms that lifted the lives of millions.

Low productivity, poor infrastructure and outdated labour and fiscal laws have however cooled off much of the enthusiasm for Brazil as growth stalled in recent months. Is Brazil really adopting a set of policies that amount to a “development model” to lead the country toward global economic stardom? Or is Brazil just experiencing a cyclical “growth pattern” that now loses momentum? What does the road ahead look like for Latin America´s largest economy? Marcos oyjo will discuss whether Brazil’s rise as an economic power can be sustained over time or if the country is destined to fall short of its vast potential.


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