We are delighted to state, with utmost humility, that ICRIER continues to be India's foremost and the world's 19th best Think Tank in the International Economics category according to the ‘2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report’ released by the University of Pennsylvania. The ranking reflects the hard work of colleagues and the untiring support of stakeholders. We are grateful to each one of you for your interest and engagement with ICRIER’s research work.

The February 2021 issue of the newsletter captures our research and policy engagements during the month of January 2021. As you will see, the new year has begun on an extremely productive note for ICRIER. Besides the regular recap, the newsletter also features our views on the Union Budget 2021-2022, released by the Government of India on 1st of February.

We released a working paper on ‘WTO Appellate Body in Crisis: The Way Forward’ in January that is receiving vast attention. On 13th January, we hosted a Stakeholder Discussion on Policy Recommendations for ICANN Board's consideration. On 15th January, we hosted a virtual discussion on Tamal Bandopadhyay's book ‘Pandemonium: The Great Indian Banking Tragedy’. On 16th January, a discussion on the Personal Data Protection Bill and its Implications was held. On 22nd January, a virtual Policy Dialogue on “Galvanizing South and South-East Asia Transport Connectivity post-COVID19”, was organized jointly with UNESCAP.

Besides, our staff engaged extensively with the media, including publishing analytical op-eds on a variety of relevant topics such as agriculture, climate finance, data protection, banking and international trade, among others. If you missed these and any other activity, you would find the links below.

We hope you take some time to view some of the recordings and also glance through other updates from January. We would love to hear back from you.


Published Works:

Paper | FAO | National Dialogue- Indian Agriculture Towards 2030: Transforming Indian Agriculture
Authors: Ashok Gulati & Ritika Juneja

Paper | FAO | National Dialogue- Indian Agriculture Towards 2030: Structural Reforms and Governance
Authors: Siraj Hussain & Seema Bathla


What not to Expect for Agriculture in Budget 2021
Siraj Hussain & Jugal Mohapatra | The WIRE | January 28, 2021

Crop Diversification Policy must Address Nutritional Challenges
Ashok Gulati | Indian Express | January 18, 2021

The Contours of an Optimal Agri-food Policy
Ashok Gulati | Financial Express | January 18, 2021

Bring Pulses under Public Distribution System
Sandip Das | Financial Express | January 14, 2021

An Expert Explains: Farm Protests, Big Picture
Siraj Hussain | Indian Express | January 11, 2021

How Can India Plug the Food Wastage Hole at the Consumer and Retail Level?
Siraj Hussain and Tanu M. Goyal | The WIRE | January 9, 2021

How Promising is the Food Processing Industry for Indian Agriculture?
Seema Bathla and Siraj Hussain | The WIRE | January 6, 2020

3 Critical Questions about MSP on which Experts can't Agree
Ashok Gulati | The WIRE | January 4, 2021

Seventh Round of Farmers-government Talks are Underway at Delhi
Siraj Hussain | CNBC18 | January 4, 2021

Questions we should be Asking about Food Wastage in the Govt's Procurement Process
Siraj Hussain | The WIRE | January 3, 2021

How Much of India's Agricultural Produce is Wasted Annually?
Siraj Hussain | The WIRE | January 1, 2021


Global Climate Finance Agenda: Can the G20 Pave the Way?
Amrita Goldar & Varsha Jain | Financial Express | January 19, 2021


India Needs More ‘Productive’ Jobs and Higher Wages to Address its Demand Problem
Radhicka Kapoor | Business Insider | January 29, 2021

As Phase 3 of Centre’s Flagship Skills Scheme Starts, will it Rise to the Challenge?
Prateek Kukreja | The WIRE | January 23, 2021

Published Work:

Report: The Role of Standards in Diffusion of Emerging Technologies Internet of Things (IoT)
Authors: Mansi Kedia, Richa Sekhani and Tanay Katiyar


Virtual Panel Discussion on Personal Data Protection Bill and its Implications
Participants: Rajat Kathuria, Gulshan Rai, Smita Purushottam, Parminder Jeet Singh, Shivangi Nadkarni, Astha Kapoor, Meenakshi Lekhi

Stakeholder Discussion on Priority 2 Policy Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration from EPDP Phase 2
Participants: Rajat Kathuria, Isha Suri, Jaideep Kumar Mishra, Satish Babu, Pravin Anand, Rakesh Maheshwari, Abhijit Relekar, Anil Jain

Published Work:

Paper | G20 Digest | The G20 and the Global Financial Architecture
Author: Alok Sheel


Webinar on the Launch of the Book and Discussion on the ‘Pandemonium: The Great Indian Banking Tragedy’
Participants: Rajat Kathuria, Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Saon Ray, Alok Sheel, Jaspreet Bindra, Ananth Narayan


Is Covid-19 Merely a Transatlantic Epidemic?
Alok Sheel | Financial Express | January 25, 2021

Does Banking Need a More Humane Touch?
Pramod Bhasin | Fortune India | January 16, 2021

2021: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings
Shankar Acharya | Business Standard | January 14, 2021

Next year, Huge Recovery in Revenues...': Shankar Acharya on Covid, Budget
Shankar Acharya | LiveMint | January 13, 2021

Published Work:

Working Paper | WTO Appellate Body in Crisis: The Way Forward
Author: Anwarul Hoda

Paper | Biomed J Sci & Tech Res | Implementing Electronic Health Records in India: Status, Issues & Way Forward
Authors: Arpita Mukherjee, Srishti Majumdar & Soham Sinha

Paper | SAGE – Foreign Trade Review | Technology Uncertainty and Incompleteness in Trade Agreements: Reflections from the Design of India’s Bilateral Agreements Covering Services
Author: Tanu Goyal


Virtual Policy Dialogue on Galvanizing South and South-East Asia Transport Connectivity Post-COVID19
Participants: Nagesh Kumar, Nisha Taneja, Anil Kumar Gupta, Pawan Kumar Agarwal, Mustafizur Rahman, Rajiv Bhatia, Fukunari Kimura, Md. Mosharaf Hossain, Rabi Shanker Sainju, Constantino Xavier, Duncan Overfield, Sandeep Jain


Budget 2021: Five Steps to Boost Manufacturing Industry
Arpita Mukherjee | Policy Circle | January 30, 2021

Arthniti: Boosting Investment | निवेश को बढ़ावा
Arpita Mukherjee | Rajya Sabha TV | January 24, 2021

Will the PLI Scheme Help Achieve Scale in Indian Manufacturing?
Blog by Saon Ray | January 23, 2021

BT Thought Leadership Session with Dr Arpita Mukherjee on Foreign Trade Policy 2021-26
Arpita Mukherjee | TPCI | January 20, 2021

Indian MSMEs Need Access to Global Value Chains and Cheap Funds
Arpita Mukherjee and Drishti Vishwanath | Policy Circle | January 11, 2021

The Fishery Sector Needs to Diversify its Product Exports
Arpita Mukherjee | TPCI | January 5, 2021


Health | The Spectre of a Covid-19 Malnutrition Syndemic
Ali Mehdi | Financial Express | January 14, 2021
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