March 2022


The March 2022 issue of the Newsletter provides a quick recap of ICRIER's research and policy engagements during the month of February 2022.

We organised a webinar on the topic, ‘WTO Amidst the Changing Geopolitical Landscape’ in collaboration with the India office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). The discussion was well-attended. ICRIER participated in the 16th 5-Institute Budget Seminar 2022, to present a reform and development perspective on the 2022-23 Union Budget. We also released working paper titled, ’Stylized Facts on the Evolution of the Enterprise Size Distribution in India's Manufacturing Sector’.

Apart from the budget-related news circulated in the last Newsletter, our media articles during the last month covered a wide range of topics including the state of the economy, agriculture, international trade, employment, and telecommunications.

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Stylized Facts on the Evolution of the Enterprise Size Distribution in India’s Manufacturing Sector
Author: Radhicka Kapoor


The 16th 5-Institute Budget Seminar 2022: Unpacking the Union Budget 2022-23
Participants: Yamini Aiyar, Deepak Mishra, Nishant Chadha, Poonam Gupta, Pinaki Chakraborty, Mythili Bhusnurmath


Method to the Make-in-India plan: Decoding our import tariff policy
Arpita Mukherjee | Mint | February 22, 2022

The Mounting Challenge of Youth Unemployment in India
Radhicka Kapoor | Blog- LSE.ac.uk | February 21, 2022

Will G20 bridge the great vaccine divide?
Samridhi Bimal and Prateek Kukreja | Blog-Times of India | February 17, 2022

Budget 2022: Some musings
Shankar Acharya | Business Standard | February 10, 2022

The African Continental Free Trade Area: Opportunities for India
Tanu M Goyal | Occasional Paper ORF | February 7, 2022


ICRIER-KAS Webinar on WTO Amidst the Changing Geopolitical Landscape
Participants: Deepak Mishra, Peter Rimmele, Sanjaya Baru, Claudia Schmucker, Biswajit Dhar, Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, Amitendu Palit, Nisha Taneja


Two cheers for India-UAE free trade deal
Durgesh K Rai and Pravakar Sahoo| Hindu BusinessLine | February 27, 2022

India and plurilateral deals at WTO
Anwarul Hoda | Financial Express | February 8, 2022

Budget 2022-23 reaction
Saon Ray | APN News | February 1, 2022


From plate to plough: Stop nourishing food inflation
Ashok Gulati | Financial Express | February 28, 2022

With Russia-Ukraine conflict, comes inflation challenge
Ashok Gulati | Indian Express | February 28, 2022

Outcome Budget: Outlays fine, what about outcomes?
Shweta Saini and T Nandakumar | Financial Express | February 17, 2022

From Plate to Plough: Fix rice farming to avoid a bumper emissions harvest
Ashok Gulati and Reena Singh |Financial Express | February 14, 2022

For ‘climate smart’ agriculture
Ashok Gulati and Reena Singh | Indian Express | February 14, 2022

Budget has nothing for ‘Poshan’
Shyma Jose and Kriti Khuran | Deccan Herald | February 9, 2022

In Economic Survey and Budget 2022, Agriculture is the Elephant in the Room
Siraj Hussain and Jugal Mohapatra | The WIRE | February 4, 2022

Not likely to make much impact on agriculture
Siraj Hussain | Financial Express | February 4, 2022

Does the budget address concerns of rural India?
Shweta Saini | Deccan Herald | February 2, 2022

Budget: Subsidies too high to boost farmers' income
Ashok Gulati | Times of India | February 2, 2022

Budget 2022 shows agriculture under change. Gone are talks about doubling farmers’ income
Shweta Saini and T Nanda Kumar | The Print | February 1, 2022


No, policy is not too important to leave to the experts
Rajat Kathuria and Mansi Kedia | Indian Express | February 17, 2022


Nip solar tariff pooling in the bud
Somit Dasgupta | Financial Express | February 25, 2022

Union Budget 2022-23: What is the store for rapidly expanding urban sector?
Ismail Haque | Counterview | February 21, 2022

The Model Tenancy Act 2021: What does it mean for India’s vast Informal Rental Sector?
Ismail Haque | CCUS-BLOG | February 18, 2022

Step on the gas on carbon capture
Amrita Goldar & Diya Dasgupta | Financial Express | February 15, 2022
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