Poulomi Bhattacharya is an Fellow in the CCUS team at ICRIER. She is currently engaged with the G20 project funded by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Adaptation Resources component for India funded by UNDP and MoEF&CC. She has worked as a research assistant at CSSSC and as an intern at the State Bank of India.

Her PhD research topic is on Corruption and Red tape. She has  completed her Ph.D. at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Her research interest includes analyzing institutional factors that influences the behavior and preferences of individuals, corruption and bribery issues, red tape, doing business, development issues. She has also worked on financial liberalization and financial development issues. Her research contributions are:


“Financial Liberalization and Convergence of Financial Development among BRICS economies” (co-authored with Paramita Mukherjee, Sahana Roy Chowdhury) in Revisiting the Indian Financial Sector: Recent Issues and Perspectives, Edited by Paramita Mukherjee, Springer, 2022.

“Does financial liberalization lead to financial development? Evidence from emerging economies” (co-authored with Paramita Mukherjee, Sahana Roy Chowdhury) in Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, July 2021.

“Red Tape, Corruption and ICT” (co-authored with Vivekananda Mukherjee) in Digitalisation and Development: Issues for India and Beyond, Edited by Dibyendu Maiti, Fulvio Castellacci and Arne Melchior, Springer, 2020.

“Political Economy of Corruption in ‘Red Tape’” (co-authored with Vivekananda Mukherjee) Working Paper Series 2017-18 No. 2 of Planning and Development Unit (NITI Aayog), Jadavpur University.