Dr Rita Choudhary as a Research Fellow Agricultural Policy, Sustainability, and Innovation (APSI) Team

Dr. Rita Choudhary holds a doctorate in Biology and Chemistry (Materials) from Deakin University. She has extensive research experience over the past 6 years focused on Microbiology, Plant Physiology and Nanotechnology to support thematic areas of Agriculture and Environment Sustainability. She worked in TERI on developing materials using greener and sustainable approach to reduce the injudicious uses of synthetic fertilizers. During her tenure in TERI, she developed functionalized eco-friendly smart delivery systems using mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs), using Agrowaste for delivery of agrochemicals under the DBT-funded project “National Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Agricultural Nanotechnology”.

Her work focused on providing solutions by using efficient agricultural productivity approach – one that uses less agrochemicals but is highly efficacious along with protecting environment and human health.

Dr. Rita Choudhary has implemented 3 research projects as Principal Investigator and Co- Principal Investigator, published 10-articles in peer-reviewed journals and few general articles. She has organized various training workshops, webinars, and conferences.