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Issues and Challenges in Food Security for India and the Role of Trade

Project Leader:  Dr. Pooja Sharma
Research Team: 

Deepti Sethi, Uttara Balakrishnan

Commencement:  July 2012
Completion: June 2013
Funded by:  Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India

He issue of food security has come into the limelight with rising food prices and the food price volatility witnessed in recent years. It is also on the agenda of the G20, and is being discussed at various fora including the WTO. The term ‘food security’ finds a mention in the WTO Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) and also in the revised agriculture negotiations text (TN/AG/W/4/Rev.4 dated 6 December 2008) being discussed under the ongoing Doha Round of trade negotiations in the WTO. 

This study aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the numerous dimensions of the subject – legal, political and economic – from India’s perspective, so that informed positions can be taken on this issue, both domestically and in international bodies. It would also help in developing a holistic, integrated, and effective response at the national and global levels. Further, the study attempts a deeper and greater understanding of the different aspects of the issue of food security from a trade perspective. The issues and challenges in the area of food security are required to be looked at in light of not only the existing trade rules that relate to the subject but also from the perspective of the modalities being discussed in the ongoing Doha Round negotiations.



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