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Sales and Purchase Trends of Processed Foods and Beverages in India: Analysis of Trends over the Past Decade and Forecast till 2030

Project Leader: Dr. Arpita Mukherjee
Research Team: Dr. Rachita Gupta, Dr. Arpita Mukherjee, Mr. Dripto Mukhopadhyay, Ms. Angana Parashar Sarma, Ms. Nibha Bharti, Ms. Drishti Vishwanath
Commencement: May 29, 2020

Funded by: World Health Organization (WHO), India

Completion: November 2, 2020

A large number of people in India are suffering from diet related illnesses, be it under-nutrition or over-nutrition/wrong diet. In this context, the objective of this study, conducted for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), through the World Health Organization (WHO) is to analyse the trends of sales and purchase of packaged processed foods and beverages between 2010 and 2020 and then project the likely growth till the year 2030. It will estimate the likely revenue generated from sales of processed food and beverages and likely changes in the volume of per capita purchase and consumption of certain select categories of processed food. The purpose is to document the changes in food habits which may lead to diet related illnesses. 

The study will be based on secondary information and data analysis and will analyse the food purchases made through different retail and distribution channels and through out-of-home and on-the-go consumption including fast food outlets to understand household budget spent on processed foods and beverages. It will also analyse the heterogeneity in patterns of sales and/or purchase of processed foods and beverages over time, across geographical areas (urban/rural) and different socio-economic strata (low/middle and high income). It will also examine the usage of different retail distribution channels over time by different socio-economic classes, across rural and urban India. Given that, there can be variation across states in terms of sales and consumption, the study will perform a state-level analysis of the purchase and/or sales trends of packaged processed food and beverages. The study will undertake a detailed analysis of the regulatory environment governing sales of processed foods and beverages, identify the gaps, if any, and make policy recommendations. 

The food categories covered by this study include (a) chocolate and sugar confectionary, biscuits, cookies, jams, peanut butter, chocolate spread, rusk and desserts (b) salty snacks like chips and namkeens; (c) beverages like cold drinks, juices and milk-based drinks, energy drinks, squashes and powdered drinks (d) breakfast cereals (e) dairy products such as liquid milk, butter, ghee, cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese (f) ready-made and convenience foods including frozen processed foods, soups, pickles, ketchups and sauces (g) edible oils including ghee, butter, vegetable oils and vanaspati (partially (j) raw frozen foods including meat products, fruits and vegetables and (h) salt such as crystal salt, refined salt and low sodium salt.



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