Project Leader: Ashok Gulati
Research Team: Anwarul Hoda, Shweta Saini and Sameedh Sharma
Commencement: May 2015

Funded by: Centre for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany

India has the largest number of poor and malnourished people in the world and high price volatility in food items in general, and wheat and rice in particular. This adversely affects their access to food. Price shocks can come through turmoil in the global markets (as it happened in 2007-08) or through weather shocks in domestic production. The key objective of this project is to understand how best the negative impact of price spikes can be contained in India. The focus of research will be on four areas  food price volatility and food market reforms; food and labour market linkages; labour market volatility and income shocks; public and social insurance schemes and role of ICT for efficient and fair transfers and on inter-linkages between Indian and Chinese food policies.