Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations

Completed Details

Project on Strategic and Economic Capacity Building Programme

Project Leader:  Ambassador Santosh Kumar
Research Team: 

 Rohit Viswanath and Ranjana Khare

Commencement: August 2009
Completion:  July 2012
Funded by:  MacArthur Foundation

The Strategic and EconomicCapacity Building Programme (SECP) has attempted to address South Asia’s increasing need for research and capacity building in formulating its policy stance on strategic and economic international relations. The programme had two modules:

  1. A research module involving six-month research projects undertaken by younger researchers; and
  2. A training module which exposed the strategic economic community to international thinking and analysis. Both modules engaged internationally reputed faculty and experts.

Six papers were commissioned. Four papers were published under the ICRIER Policy Series. These were:

  1. “TransBorder Identities (A study on the impact of Bangladeshi and Nepali migration to India)” by S. K. Behera;
  2. “Stakeholder Analysis and the Water Discourse in Pakistan” by Medha Bisht;
  3. “Strategic Influence of Soft Power: Inferences for India from Chinese Engagement of Southeast Asia” by Parama Sinha Palit and Amitendu Palit; and
  4. “Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Security” by Anna Ranuzzi and Richa Srivastava.

An Advanced Briefing Programme on Critical Strategic and Economic Themes of the Future was organized from October 31 to November 12, 2011. It covered four broad themes:

  1. The global economy;
  2. Regional cooperation in the South Asian context;
  3. Dynamics of power and security challenges; and
  4. Climate change, energy and natural resources. The participants included diplomats, academicians, and media persons from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Myanmar.

The programme concluded with a Stakeholders’ Conference with domestic and international participation. It was held in July, 2012, with Shri Shiv Shankar Menon, National Security Advisor, as the chief guest.