ICRIER-IISD Webinar on Understanding Technology and Investment Gaps for a Globally Competitive EV Battery Waste Recycling Sector

28 Jan, 2022

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Time: 4-5.35 p.m. IST


Session: Financial and Technological viability of LIB recycling

16:00-16:10: Introduction & Welcome Remarks: Director, ICRIER

16:10-16:20: Session Introduction by: Mr. Ruchir Shukla

16:20-16:35: Presentation (ICRIER)- Dr. Amrita Goldar

16:35-16:55: Discussants: Recycling Technology Diffusion

Recycler/PRO: Shohab Rais (Tata Chemicals)


16:55-17:15: Discussants: Investment in Recycling Sector

Government/Financial Institutions: Diewakarr Mittal (NITI Aayog)

Recycler: A L N Rao (Exigo Recycling)

17:15-17:30: Q&A

17:30-17:35: Final Remarks: Dr. Amrita Goldar


Place : Online Event