Roundtable conferences on Net Neutrality
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As part of its project, ‘An Inquiry into the Future of Net Neutrality in India’, ICRIER in June 2015 initiated a roundtable conference series that regularly brings together experts for open and insightful discussions to help policy-makers understand the implications of net neutrality regulations. The roundtable conference on Net Neutrality in August 2015 was divided into two technical sessions – Techno-economics of Net Neutrality and Regulatory and Institutional Barriers to Implementation. The first session hosted experts on the “hardware” aspects of the internet and its infrastructure. Participants included representatives from the Department of Telecom, IIT Bombay, Qualcomm, and Rediff. The technical discussions examined the policy of net neutrality through the lenses of internet architecture, congestion, spectrum, content delivery networks and network management practices. Representatives from AT&T, Idea, Medianama, Facebook, Centre for Internet and Society, Centre for Communications Governance and others participated in the second session. These discussions focused on regulatory and institutional requirements, beginning with an exploration of the practicality and future implications of the Department of Telecom’s report on net neutrality. They explored the ramifications of such regulation on cross-subsidisation, infrastructural investment and capacity, consumer protection, and finally, the institutional capacity required to implement such regulation.

Roundtable conferences on Net Neutrality

Date: August 25, 2015
Venue: ICRIER Conference Hall, 4th Floor, Core 6A, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

25 Aug, 2023