An Inquiry into the Impact of India’s “App Economy”

Mobile applications have created a new trend in content creation and dissemination on mobile platforms. Lightweight and function-specific applications, more popularly known as “Apps”, are driving consumption in this industry, and will only increase as newer devices are introduced in the market. The ecosystem around applications in India has been evolving rapidly over the last few years, and has resulted in the emergence of new business models. The aim of this study is to capture and analyse the entire value chain of the App economy in India, including importantly its impact on growth and employment. The study will attempt to provide an estimate of people engaged in application development and its supporting ecosystem. The research will be based on both primary and secondary data analysis. The primary data collection will be conducted in several rounds for application developers, platform developers, and subsequently for application publishers, such as device manufacturers and service providers. The findings will help provide policy recommendations on the constraints to improving the ecosystem around applications supported on smart phones and tablets in India.