Digital Development Stock Taking for MIND Project

The Digital North East 2022 program was launched as a special initiative under the government’s Digital India mission in 2017. The program was expected to kick-start and support fast track implementation of digital technologies across all North Eastern states including Manipur. This study is conducting a stock taking exercise on the levels of digital connectivity, access and adoption in Manipur following the World Bank’s 3I Framework – Inclusion, Integrated Service Delivery and Innovation. The study has three broad objectives – (i) Build a comprehensive database of digital development indicators in Manipur, (ii) Benchmark Manipur’s performance to other states in the North East, other special category states in India and a few comparable countries from the rest of the world. (iii) Provide the requisite analysis and evidence to inform policy making and investment decisions in Manipur. The quantitative assessment of digital development indicators will be complemented with a qualitative discussion on the political economy and institutional factors, presenting a comprehensive landscape of the digital ecosystem in Manipur.