Forecasting India’s Loss and Damage Finance Needs using the ICRIER ‘Prakriti’ model, and Estimating Skilling Needs and Filling Skill-gaps for India’s Industrial Energy Efficiency

The objective of the project is to develop economic modelling frameworks at the sub-national level for pertinent issues in India: (a) loss and damage (L&D) from climate disasters; and (b) the employment impacts and skilling needs of the industrial energy efficiency (EE).


The first component of the study aims to build on existing work to eliminate critical gaps in the assessment of the impact of climate-induced disasters in India and adds to the existing body of literature by developing an inter-connected optimization cum input-output (IO) modelling framework called ICRIER Prakriti model.


The second component of the study aims to explore the current skilling landscape of the EE sector, understand limits to productivity gains via upskilling, and derive the resultant additional human resources needed to undertake EE measures at state-level. The project aims to investigate the skilling needs for EE which would be explored using the ICRIER Unnati CGE model.