India-GCC FTA: Trade in Services

This survey-based study provided inputs to the Indian government for the India and Gulf Cooperation Countries FTA negotiations and other engagements. It also discussed different bilateral/multilateral/regional engagements of GCC countries to understand what other trading partners are demanding and getting from these countries. The focus of this study was on services and energy security.

Book Chapters:

“India’s Trade in Distribution Services”, in ‘Trade in Services & India’ edited by Rupa Chanda, Wiley India, 2006.


“Doha Round of Services Negotiations: Indian Perspective”, in ‘India and the WTO: The Development Agenda’, edited by Deepika MG, ICFAI University Press, 2006.


Journal Articles:

“India and the Services Negotiations in the Doha Round”, in Transnational Corporations Review, Volume 4, Number 2, June 2012, pgs 41-49.


Government Report:

Feasibility study for Inclusion of services in Indo-GCC FTA, with Sukanya Ghosh, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, September 2005.


Op-Ed Articles:

Doha Round of Services Negotiations: Indian Perspective, published in Annual Special Issue of Chartered Financial Analyst, The ICFAI University Press, December 2004.