Integrating South and East Asia: An Analysis of the Economic Effects of Intensified Regional Cooperation and Integration

Over the past two decades, there has been a growing momentum for closer regional cooperation and integration (RCI) among South and East Asian economies. Recent developments in the global economy have accelerated the push for and pace of RCI between the two sub-regions. Market-led as well as bilateral and regional initiatives are expected to strengthen cooperation among the two sub-regions. This research project seeks to provide comprehensive and highquality research on the scope for and implications of RCI between South and East Asia. The project consists of four studies: (a) Production networks and barriers to trade and investment in India; (b) Potential for involving India in regional production networks; (c) Mapping the future of high value manufacturing (HVM) in India; and (d) Integrating South and East Asia – the case of liberalising services under the India-Thailand CECA. All the studies involve both desk work and field surveys and interviews. The first draft of the report has been submitted and the findings of the studies are proposed to be discussed at an ADB workshop in Manila after which the report will be finalised.