Kotak Karma-ICRIER Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Policies, Sustainability, and Innovations (APSI)

To examine various agricultural policies with a view to augment farmers’ incomes, ensure environmental sustainability, and look for innovations that can be game changers. In particular, it would focus on:

  • 》Transformation of Food Systems in the backdrop of climate change
  • 》Diversification towards high value agriculture
  • 》Building efficient, inclusive and sustainable value chains in horticulture such as TOP (Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes), fruits, and fish
  • 》Look at the financial viability of Solar as a third crop on farmers’ fields- an innovative area of agrivoltaics.
  • 》Examine the value chains of cotton- from farm to factory to fashion to foreign, i.e., exporting garments. In particular, why India could not succeed while Bangladesh and Vietnam succeeded in increasing their exports of garments. It has strong implications for cotton farmers’ incomes.
  • 》Flexibility to look at nutritional issues

Flexibility to look at India-Africa learnings with respect to food and nutritional security, etc.