Making India the Global Hub for Turmeric

India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric in the world. In the year 2022-23, India produced over 75 per cent of the global turmeric production. More than 30 varieties of turmeric are grown in India across more than 20 states and the country accounts for over 62 per cent of the world’s turmeric exports. Realising the country’s potential to develop as a turmeric production and export hub, the government established the National Turmeric Board, to support the development and growth of turmeric and turmeric products. The government plan to increase turmeric exports to Rs. 8,400 crore by 2030 from the existing Rs. 1,600 crores. Many other policy initiatives have been taken by the Centre and states to promote turmeric production and exports, including the development of brands and geographical indication (GI) products.


Given this scenario, the objective of this study is to provide research and evidence-based inputs to policymakers with a focus on the development and growth of turmeric and turmeric products in India and to strengthen India’s position as a global turmeric production and export hub. It will identify the issues and make recommendation to unleash the potential of this sector. The study is based on secondary data and information analysis and a primary survey.