Project Leader: Arpita Mukherjee
Research Team: Tanu M. Goyal, Souvik Dutta and Avantika Kapoor; R.V. Anuradha and Ronjini Ray (External Consultants)
Commencement: August 2016
Completion: September 2017
Funded by: Amway India Enterprise Private Limited

Organic farming in India is increasingly being recognised as an important alternative to the form of agriculture, which is highly dependent on chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Reasons for promoting organic farming include lower damage to environment/environment sustainability, reduction in chemical contamination, promotion of health and food safety and higher consumer awareness. India has export potential in this sector and there are some initiatives on this regard from the Indian government. Recently Sikkim has been declared as the first organic state of India. The Indian government is keen to promote organic farming and exports of organic products.

In this context, this study a) examines the current status and future potential for organic farming in India, b) analyses the regulatory practices in India and c) examines how India can learn from global best practices in promoting organic farming. Based on a pan-India primary survey, the study will highlight the issues faced by organic farmers and processed food producers and exporters and make policy recommendations.