Research and Disseminate Information on Urban India’s Affordable Housing Challenges

Objective. Access to adequate and affordable housing has become a pressing development challenge for urban India. Affordable housing faces challenges not only from demand side but also from supply side. Thus, a nuanced understanding of the supply side constrains will certainly aid in future policy formulation and private provisioning of affordable housing. Against this backdrop, this study seeks to contribute to the understanding of various supply side challenges (e.g., land, building technology, policy implementation etc.) impacting affordable housing production and supply.


  1. Estimation of affordable housing demand models based on information/data from secondary surveys such as NSSO and/or based on data collected through primary surveys, as applicable
  2. Analyse the of various policies affecting supply of land for affordable housing and through secondary/primary research and interaction with various stakeholder agencies
  3. Understand the impediments to adoption and implementation of various low cost and sustainable housing techniques, with focus on financial, economic, consumer and producer behaviour and other issues related to the adoption of such technologies through secondary research and stakeholder interaction
  4. Understand the successes and challenges of the PMAY (Urban) scheme through secondary research, stakeholder interaction and analysis of available beneficiary data of PMAY (urban) schemes
  5. Assess the option of rental model in affordable housing segment through secondary housing data and interaction with various stakeholders
  6. Undertake dissemination of the findings of the studies through stakeholder consultations and dissemination workshops


Some of the key outputs developed under this grant include:

  • WP-1: Housing for India’s Low-Income Urban Households: A Demand Perspective
  • WP-2: Alternate Construction Technologies for Mass Housing: Challenges to Adoption in India
  • Policy brief-1: Affordable Rental Housing for Families by Institutions in India – Past Experiences and Thinking Ahead (forthcoming)
  • WP-3: Demystifying the Challenges of Low-Income Housing Delivery in Delhi (forthcoming)