Revisiting Special Economic Zones (SEZ): A Review and Evaluation of India’s SEZ Policy

This study evaluated the performance of SEZs in India, against the objectives laid down in the SEZ policy. It also examined the impact of India’s trade agreements on SEZs and how India can learn from global best practices in developing successful SEZs. The findings of this study have been used by the Department of Commerce to revise the SEZ policy after India lost the case against the US in the WTO in 2019.


Special Economic Zones in India
Author(s): Dr. Arpita Mukherjee, Dr. Tanu Goyal, Parthapratim Pal, Saubhik Deb, Subhobrota Ray


Book Chapters:

“India’s Experience with the Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Status, Concerns and Way Forward” with Avantika Kapoor in ‘International Economic Law and the Challenges of the Free Zones: Global Regulatory Issues and Trends’ Edited by Julien Chaisse and Jiaxiang Hu, published by Kluwer Law International, Global Trade Law Series, Vol. 38, May 2019.


Journal Articles:

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Special Economic Zones Face the WTO Test, with Parthapratim Pal, in ‘Economic and Political Weekly Vol. LIII, Issue No. 33’, August 18, 2018, pgs 20-22.


ICRIER Working Paper:

Imposition of MAT on SEZs: Concerns and the Way Forward
Author(s): Arpita Mukherjee and Bhavook Bhardwaj

Diversifying India’s Services Exports through SEZs: Status, Issues and the Way Forward
Author(s): Dr. Arpita Mukherjee, Dr. Tanu Goyal, Mr. Saubhik Deb, Ms. Shreya Deora, Mr. Bhavook Bhardwaj


Government Reports:

SEZs in India: Perceptions versus Reality report of the study funded by Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, February 2015.