Project Leader: Dr. Nisha Taneja
Research Team: Dr. Deb Kusum Das, Deepika Wadhwa and Shubhdeep Deb
Commencement: June 2014
Funded by: IPE Global

The study aims to analyse the scope for sub-regional cooperation between India, Myanmar and Bangladesh through enhancement in trade flows and investment in these nations, in the larger context of poverty reduction in the sub-region. More specifically, the study focuses on integrating Northeast India and Bengal through economic cooperation with Myanmar and Bangladesh and aims to find out how these regions, due to their proximity with each other, can take advantages of the linkages which can be generated through economic cooperation.


In particular, the study focuses on: (i) understanding the political economy underlying regional economic cooperation between India, Myanmar and Bangladesh; (ii) empirically examining the trends and patterns of trade and investment in the sub-region; (iii) analysing the prospects for regional cooperation with regard to connectivity and infrastructure development that would unleash the trade potential between India (Northeast as well as Bengal), Bangladesh and Myanmar; and (iv) examining the scope for poverty reduction in the sub-region and identifying the priority areas for intervention.


The projects ongoing research studies are being carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Economy, Environment and Society (CEES), Myanmar Development and Resource Institute (MDRI), Yangon University, Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies (MISIS) in Myanmar and South Asian Network on Economic Modelling (SANEM) in Bangladesh.