Taxation & Gender- Impact and Outcomes in South and South-East Asia

Objective: The objective of the study is to answer the three questions – (a) Is there evidence that governments in South and South-east Asia promote gender equality through national plans/ policies and have taken actions to reduce gender discrimination in their tax systems, or promote gender equality through tax systems?; (b) Is there evidence that various pathways of gendered impact of tax policy and administration work in practice to improve relevant gender outcomes and indicators? (c) What are the key policy and administrative reform messages for national governments, bilateral/ multilateral agencies and donor organisations towards tax system reform as they relate to gender outcomes?

Scope and Deliverables: PWC India is the lead agency in this study. The study is based on literature review, cross country comparative analysis based on published data and key informant interviews. The key deliverables include a report, which will be published and disseminated.

Activities: The following activities are being done under the project:

  • Review of literature
  • Cross-country analysis of different pathways
  • Face to Face Meetings, Discussions and Stakeholder Consultations
  • Submission of Draft report

The report is now being finalized