Towards Gender Friendly Land Ports in the BBIN Region

In the recently published study on Gender Mainstreaming at India’s Land Ports the team suggested an Action Plan to the Land Ports Authority of India to address impediments faced by women in accessing the land ports.  The Action Plan is being adopted by LPAI as part of Action Point #27 of the National Trade Facilitation Action Plan (NTFAP) which specifically calls for the promotion of “gender inclusiveness in trade”.


Building on this work, the project will identify the challenges faced by women at select land ports in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan using the gender lens assessment framework developed by the study. The broader project goal is to engage with land port authorities and partner agencies in the BBIN region, highlight the constraints that are common across the region for women engaged in cross-border trade, and create a template that can serve as a useful reference guide for an inclusive and common regional approach towards gender mainstreaming at the land ports in the BBIN region.