Facilitating Investments between India and the European Union: The Case of Bilateral Investments between India and Germany

India and the EU were negotiating a Broadbased Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA). Within the EU, Germany is an important investor in India and a key source country for technology transfer. The BTIA was expected to have an impact on the flow of investment and transfer of technology between India and Germany. Given this background, the objective of this study was to (a) analyse the trends and patterns in bilateral investments between India and Germany (b) understand the opportunities and prospects for investment in each other’s markets (c) identify the barriers to investments (d) determine the expectations of investors from the India-EU ongoing BTIA and (d) make policy recommendation to the Indian and German governments and suggest strategies for the BTIA and beyond to facilitate an increase in bilateral investment flows in the two markets. The study was based on primary survey and secondary data analysis.

ICRIER Working Paper:

Facilitating Bilateral Investments between India and Germany: The Role of Negotiations and Reforms
Author(s): Tanu M. Goyal, Ramneet Goswami and Tincy Sara Solomon