Impact of FDI Inflows on Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

Objective:The objective of this study was to analyse the economic impact of FDI reforms in India and their implications on sustainable development goals (SDGs).  The study reviewed the FDI policy reforms from 2009 onwards and examined their on-ground impacts. The study covered 11 sectors as identified by DPIIT. It provided a suggestive framework of policy measures that can lead to a positive economic impact, and help India further its sustainable development agenda with a focus on how India can attract investments in R&D.

Scope and Deliverables: The study included (a) analysis of FDI policy and secondary data given by DPIIT (b) review of FDI literature (b) econometric modelling of FDI and its impact (c) cross-country analysis and India’s position in FDI inflows (d) 25 key informant interviews to understand the investment by firms in SDGs, barriers/issues that they face in enhancing positive economic impact and SDG goals, and their expectations from the government.

Activities: The following activities have been completed:

(a)Meeting and consultations with DPIIT and Invest India for approval of the questionnaire, database (b) Analysis of secondary data and policy shared by DPIIT (c) Key informant interviews (d) Draft report and draft report presentation to DPIIT (e) addressing comments and submission of the report. The report is yet to be finalised by DPIIT.