NABARD Centre for Research in Agri-Economics

The book on “Agricultural Value Chains in India: Ensuring Competitiveness, Inclusiveness, Sustainability, Scalability and Improved Finance”, edited by Ashok Gulati, Kavery Ganguly, and Harsh Wardhan was published by Springer in January, 2022. The book puts together value chain studies on dairy, horticulture (tomato, onion, potato; banana and mango; and grapes and pomegranates), poultry, and pulses done under this project. All these value chains are analyzed and evaluated using the holistic conceptual framework of competitiveness, inclusiveness, sustainability and scalability (CISS) and access to Finance (F). The analysis provides insights on how to ensure the overall growth of the sectors and efficiency of the value chains to help achieve higher incomes and livelihood security for farmers.