Reserve Bank’s Endowment Scheme for Professorial Chairs

Some key activities have been proposed for the year 2022-23 in the form of Research Output/Work Plan, to be authored by Dr Deepak Mishra and the Team:

  • Economic Report: “Semi-Annual Updates on the State of the G-20 Economies

This will provide a comparative perspective on the economic performance and policy of the G-20 member countries – both at a structural level as well as on near-term performance—focusing on the following themes: growth, trade, fiscal, monetary, external, digital and green economy; benchmarking exercise will help G-20 policymakers to monitor and learn from each other’s performance and policies.

  • Policy Brief 1: “Getting CBDC Right for India: Lessons from the Rest of the World

Drawing on the use case experience from other countries, this Policy Brief will present the good features to adopt and bad practices to avoid so that India’s CBDC becomes the gold standard of the world

  • Policy Brief 2: “India’s Trillion Dollar Trade Trilemma

India has three inter-related goals when it comes to trade: to become a trillion-dollar exporting nation, maximize domestic value addition of exports and to become a self-reliant economy. While in the long-run all three goals can be achieved, in the short-run the policies underlying these goals differ considerably, creating a policy trilemma for the authorities; using trade in electronics as a case study, this study will explore which of these three paths present India the best hope of achieving its long-term aspirations.

  • Blogs, Op-eds, Opinion Pieces (to be published in mainstream print newspapers)
  • International Webinars and Workshops:
  • Getting CBDC Right for India: Lessons from the Rest of the World
  • From Ban to Self-Regulation: India’s Options and Constraints in Managing the Crypto Assets
  • ICRIER 14th International Annual G20 Conference

During 2021-22, under the authorship of Dr Alok Sheel, the main research topics were proposed: (i) Multilateralism, the Global Economy and the G20; (ii) India’s Engines of Growth; (iii) India’s Post Covid Economic Recovery; and (iv) RBI’s Balance Sheet.

The key activities implemented during the project duration in 2021-22 include four Full-length Publications and twelve Op-eds in print media:

Full-length Publications:

Op-eds in print media: