Trade in Energy Services under GATS

The primary aim of this study is to analyse India’s trade possibilities in energy services within the WTO framework. The study provides an in-depth coverage of the energy services sector under GATS, distinguishing between the goods (mainly production) and services (transportation, transmission, and distribution of energy) aspects of energy trade. It highlights the recent trends and developments in this sector, globally and in India, emphasising on liberalisation, deregulation, and privatisation. The study analyses the commitments made by major trading partners in the Uruguay Round, the communications made by countries in the post-Uruguay Round period, the key issues which are likely to affect future negotiations in this sector (such as classifications issues, reference paper, etc.), and requests and offers made by major players and India in the ongoing WTO negotiations. The study also identifies the domestic and external barriers to India’s trade (both export and import) in energy services and suggests various reform measures which would not only enable the sector to be globally competitive but also enable the country to gain from liberalisation commitments undertaken at the WTO.

ICRIER Working Papers:

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