Data Bank

What is the CHIPS Framework?
The CHIPS framework, consisting of five pillars – Connect, Harness, Innovate, Protect and Sustain, is designed to measure the scale and depth of digitalisation in India and the G20 countries. The ‘Connect’ pillar benchmarks internet connectivity from the lens of accessibility, affordability, and quality. ‘Harness’ captures how digital technologies are being leveraged to create value through various applications such as e-commerce, digital health, digital learning, digital payments and e-governance services. ‘Innovate,’ captures start-up activity, and the development and adoption of emerging technologies. ‘Protect’ captures preparedness for, and vulnerability to, cybercrimes and privacy breaches. It also includes trust and internet governance. The final pillar ‘Sustain,’ captures efforts towards building environmentally sustainable digital economies and the use of digital technologies to promote environmental sustainability.


What is the Data Bank?
The IPCIDE Data Bank is a compendium of data collected on the digital economy presented using the CHIPS framework. Most indicators are provided for the G20 countries, and where available, data for other countries are also provided. The databank also provides some time series indicators for India, as well as indicators at the sub-national level. Please see the State of India’s Digital Economy (SIDE) Report 2024 for a detailed methodology on the computation of the CHIPS index, which is also available for download on this databank.

The IPCIDE team has worked tirelessly to put this data together. We are grateful to Revisual Labs for developing & designing the data bank. In case of any error or query, please email us at for your feedback. Recommended citation: IPCIDE Data Bank (2024), Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER).

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