23 May, 2023

Changes in total value of Cryptocurrencies traded (USD Billion) : 5 structural breaks over a period of two years

15 May, 2023

Preparedness of select G20 countries on cross-border digital trade facilitation

08 May, 2023

UPI adoption and financial inclusion

24 Apr, 2023

Gender Gap Ratio for Mobile Phone Ownership in G20 Nations: 2014-2021

20 Apr, 2023

Gap between Connectivity and Meaningful Connectivity

11 Apr, 2023

Cases Registered and Cases Convicted under Fraud for Cyber Crimes in India (2019-21)

04 Apr, 2023

Cost of data breach for G20 countries

20 Mar, 2023

Penetration of digital payments

13 Mar, 2023

A Comparison of Enabling Regulatory Frameworks in Emerging Technology and Data Privacy in G20 Nations

07 Mar, 2023

State performance on e-Governance

01 Mar, 2023

Changing market share of UPI vs card payments in India (2017-22)

20 Feb, 2023

India has the highest number of users who have ever experienced any cyber crime (2021)

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