19 Dec, 2023

India generates relatively lower e-waste given its internet user base

15 Nov, 2023

ConnectingHER: Rural Women are driving down the Gender Gap in Internet Usage

09 Oct, 2023

After an extraordinary boom in 2021, investments in the Indian start-up ecosystem are experiencing a gradual decline across sectors

05 Oct, 2023

No major shifts in trends of payment frauds in India over the last year

25 Sep, 2023

Many G20 countries, including India are lagging behind in connecting primary schools to the internet

19 Sep, 2023

Are data breaches costing countries more? Most countries see a decline in the average cost of data breaches. USA as an exception – not only has the highest average cost, it is also increasing.

11 Sep, 2023

There is a strong positive correlation between frontier technology readiness & performance in sustainable development goals. For India’s frontier technology readiness, it lags behind in SDG performance

05 Sep, 2023

Employment in ICT Manufacturing and ICT Services Sectors

28 Aug, 2023

G20 Nations are Making Progress in Readiness for Use of AI in Public Services with Developing Countries Advancing at a Faster Pace

22 Aug, 2023

Opportunity for women in online labour markets

16 Aug, 2023

India is a growing market for Augmented Reality (AR), projected to have the 3rd highest cumulative growth rate from 2017 to 2023 amongst G20 peers

09 Aug, 2023

Correlation between internet speeds and mobile shares of web traffic

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