31 Jul, 2023

Despite a recent decline, India continues to account for the highest share of global online freelance workers at 21.4%. Sales & marketing record the highest share of Indian freelancers 

26 Jul, 2023

Prevalence of Basic and Advanced Digital Skills in Indian States

18 Jul, 2023

While data costs have improved worldwide, low-income and developing countries have yet to meet affordability targets

13 Jul, 2023

Market for UPI Apps remain concentrated both by value and volume, though composition of the top 5 are different for value and volume

04 Jul, 2023

Data Management, Retail, Financial Services and Industrial Automation are Seeing the Highest Levels of Private Investment in AI

26 Jun, 2023

Average price of 1 GB data as a proportion of per capita income

19 Jun, 2023

India had the highest net outflow of AI talent among select G20 countries in 2022

12 Jun, 2023

R&D focus on digital technologies

05 Jun, 2023

G20 nations have made great strides in improving affordability of mobile data

23 May, 2023

Changes in total value of Cryptocurrencies traded (USD Billion) : 5 structural breaks over a period of two years

15 May, 2023

Preparedness of select G20 countries on cross-border digital trade facilitation

08 May, 2023

UPI adoption and financial inclusion

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