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A user friendly guide to navigating the policy bank

what is the policy bank

What is the policy bank?

Policy Bank is an initiative by the ICRIER Prosus Centre for Internet and Digital Economy (IPCIDE).

It serves as a one stop shop for all digital policy enthusiasts and policy makers to track policy developments across India’s digital policy landscape to aid policy dialogue. It can also act as a springboard for newcomers to dive into India’s digital policy space.

how does it cover

What does it cover?

The policy bank is a compendium of significant policy developments across digital policy issues in India. It provides original sources to give an extensive overview of India’s digital policy outlook. The tracking of these policies goes from their inception to significant developments, leading up to the current state of affairs.

how do you read it

How do you read it?

The bank consists of several policy issues that have been categorized into broad buckets and colour coded for easy perusal. Each policy topic also uses icons to denote the nature of policy developments.

The policy bank has a unique reading experience; major policy developments are listed in a timeline followed by a series of broad questions introducing the topic to the reader. The layout makes it easier for the readers to follow policy developments chronologically.

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