Understanding Root Server System Working, History, and Governance of Root Server System

1. A brief overview of DNS and Root Server System
In this section, the researchers attempt to provide an overview of Domain Name System (“DNS”) and Root Server System (“RSS”) from a technical perspective.
1.1 Overview of DNS
Before discussing root servers in detail, it is important to understand the functioning of DNS. Every machine on the internet has a unique address known as Internet Protocol (“IP”) address. If one machine needs to communicate with other machine on the internet, it can do so only if it knows IP address of the other machine. Let us understand this in the context of working of internet through an example of www.icirer.org. If an internet user wants to access the contents of the mentioned website, then user can do so only if it knows IP address of the server1 where icrier.org is hosted. However, it is very difficult for a user to remember IP address of the servers on the internet than remembering domain names